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    26 August 2014 08:35 240,000 euros at stake in 2015 Yokohama Trophy

    Eurosport Events, promoter of the FIA World Touring Car Championship, announced the plan of reinstating a prize money for the Yokohama Trophy in 2015.

    During the current season the Trophy has been reserved for the competitors who are still racing the previous generation of WTCC cars, officially named TC2 Turbo by the FIA.
    In 2015, independent competitors at the wheel of TC1 cars will be eligible to compete in the Yokohama Trophy and will fight for a 240,000-Euro prize money.
    On top of this, the team running the car of the 2015 Yokohama Trophy winner will be granted one free full-season entry in the 2016 championship.
    20,000 Euros of prize money will be awarded at each event, taking into account the total of points scored by each driver during the weekend and according to the following scale: 8,000 € to the first classified, 6,000 € to the second, 3,000 € to the third, 2,000 € to the fourth, 1,000 € to the fifth.
    Francois Ribeiro, Eurosport Events COO explained: “After a transition season in 2014 with a mix of TC1 and TC2 Turbo cars, we will reallocate our resources to support private TC1 teams next year, by offering them a prize money, dedicated classifications, podiums and promotion, as Eurosport Events has successfully done since 2006 with Yokohama.”

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    23 August 2014 23:30 Mission accomplished for Tarquini and Monteiro

    Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro accomplished their mission of gaining experience on the Nürburgring Norsdchleife, in view of the visit the WTCC will pay next year to the German road course.

    The Italian-Portuguese duo made to the end of the 6H ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen, seventh round of the VLN Langstrecken Meisterschaft Nürburgring series, at the wheel of a 2-litre normally aspirated Honda Civic Type-R prepared by JAS Motorsport.
    The race was plagued by the Eifel region’s typical weather conditions that kept on changing from dry to extremely wet over and over.
    Monteiro took the start, after setting pole position in the SP3 class, and was soon involved in a collision with a faster car that forced him to pit for repairs and cost the team any chance of fighting for the class win. Since then, the team focused on giving the two drivers the possibility of racing in the best conditions, which meant making extra pit stops for changing the tyres according to the weather changes.
    “Tiago had the chance of driving a full dry stint. I only enjoyed one dry lap before the rain started pouring,” Tarquini explained. “It was a necessary experience. The most important thing to be competitive here is the knowledge of the track. During this weekend I have completed sixteen laps and yet I don’t remember a number of corners. We’ll have to come back and test until we memorize each turn, otherwise you must drive on sight, which is very dangerous here… But it’s a new challenge, even for an experienced driver like me. I’m excited, because on this track the driver can still make the difference.”

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    23 August 2014 11:14 Monteiro sets class pole at the Nürburgring

    Tiago Monteiro has placed the JAS Motorsport Honda Civic Type-R on pole position for the SP3 class in view of the 6H ADAC Ruhr-Pokal-Rennen race that will take place later today.

    In a cloudy morning on the Eifel mountains, the Portuguese driver clocked a lap of 9:49.307 that was worth the 89th position overall (out of 173 entries) and the first place in class, nearly twenty seconds ahead of the closest competitor.
    The 6-hour race – in which Monteiro will share the Civic with Gabriele Tarquini – starts at 12.00 (noon), and the rain is expected from 13.00.  

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