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    01 February 2013 10:24 WTCC AUDIENCE EXCEEDS THE 500 MILLION MARK

    Mission accomplished! WTCC’s most ambitious goal for the past season was to break its record TV audience and exceed the 500 million of viewers worldwide.

    This goal was achieved, according to the final report issued by IFM, the Germany-based sports research firm.
    In 2012, 144 TV channels broadcasted at least one of the WTCC events and this amounted to 1081 hours of broadcasting hours.
    A total of 512 million viewers watched WTCC on TV, which represented a 12% increase compared to 2011 figures.
    Ulrich Lacher, Managing Director of IFM, explained: “Despite the Olympics and Euro 2012, WTCC – unlike many other series – increased in audiences and overall impact again. It showed a healthy increase, continuing the trend from previous years. We reckon that the growing popularity is a result of the good TV distribution of the series, which expanded beyond pan-continental broadcasters like Eurosport and Star Sports.”
    Antonios Argyropoulos, Head of Media Rights Distribution, Eurosport Events, commented: “WTCC achieved another record and exceeded the mark of half-billion viewers. The championship’s TV coverage included regular programming in Europe, the Americas, Japan and the Asia-Pacific regions through 144 broadcasters and reached 180 countries around the world. This proved that WTCC it is not only an entertaining sporting show, but also a powerful communication platform, thanks to quality programmes and extensive television coverage.”