The Great Big WTCC Quiz of the Year

The Great Big WTCC Quiz of the Year

31/12/2016 06:00

The FIA World Touring Car Championship produced drama and excitement aplenty in 2016 but is your WTCC trivia as good as José María López? Test your knowledge in this purely-for-fun end-of-term quiz.

Where did Tom Coronel score his two race wins in 2016?

2: In what city did José María López receive his trophy for winning his third WTCC drivers’ title?

3: Yvan Muller’s last WTCC race was at the Losail Circuit in Qatar but where was his first?

4: Where does WTCC Race of Portugal take place?

5: Nicky Catsburg scored his first WTCC win in 2016. Where?

6: Gabriele Tarquini estimated his LADA Vesta would top what speed through Turn 2 at the Slovakia Ring?

7: The WTCC’s official pre-season test took place close to which Italian city?

8: Soultz-sous-Forêts is home to which WTCC team?

9: From where did Eurosport Events broadcast a live mannequin challenge?

10: The penultimate weekend of next year’s WTCC season will take place where?

Honda added a fourth driver to its factory line-up for WTCC Race of Japan. Who was he?

12: Who led the first racing lap at the revamped Circuit Moulay El Hassan?

13: What is the nationality of Grégoire Demoustier?

14: Who set the fastest lap of all at Termas de Río Hondo when the WTCC visited in August?

15: Name the Uruguayan who tried but failed to make his WTCC debut in Argentina?

16: What’s the connection between Zengő Motorsport’s Dániel Nagy and the Hungarian Olympic handball team?

17: Thed Björk scored a maiden WTCC win for himself, Volvo Cars and Polestar Cyan Racing in Shanghai. But who was leading at the start of the final lap?

18: All six WTCC champions gathered together in Qatar in late November. Who were they?

19: Who said over team radio “You said don’t worry about Muller and he’s passing me”?

20: Alessandro Mariani is principal of which WTCC team?

Points and prizes
Who won the TAG Heuer Best Lap Trophy at Moscow Raceway?

22: What was notable about the WTCC MAC3 result in Slovakia?

23: Name the lady driver to score a point in this year’s WTCC?

24: What is the highest number of points a driver can score during a WTCC weekend?

25: Who were the four drivers who raced for the factory Polestar Volvo team in 2016?

26: The second WTCC Nürburgring Nordschleife Best Driver Trophy went to who?

27: Néstor Girolami marked his WTCC return by winning what?

28: How many times has Norbert Michelisz now won the Hungarian motorsport federation’s Driver of the Year accolade?

29: A 35-point margin gave who the WTCC Trophy title for 2016?

30: What was Kris Richard’s prize for winning the FIA ETCC Super 2000 Cup?

Who are the official logistics and timing partners of the WTCC?

32: Citroën changed the colours of its factory C-Elysée WTCC from mainly white to what colour?

33: Which company sponsors the WTCC’s Repair Time?

34: Name the WTCC’s official tyre supplier?

35: At what track was the Volvo V60 Polestar safety car first used in racing conditions?

36: What connected the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed to the Swedish royal family?

37: Why was WTCC Race of Qatar significant for Daisuke Horiuchi?

38: How many DHL Boeing 747s were needed to fly the WTCC cars and equipment from Argentina to Japan?

39: Football royalty visited WTCC race of Qatar courtesy of FOX Sports, one of the championship’s broadcast partners. Name him?

40: Which company was the Event Presenting Partner of the WTCC races in France and Japan?

Plus these…
Why did Esteban Guerrieri use race number 86 in Argentina?

42: Who started the first WTCC race of 2016 on the DHL Pole Position?

43: Name the driver with 808,000 Facebook followers?

44: José María López completed his WTCC stint with how many wins, poles and fastest laps?

45: Name the Hungarian football manager who visited the country’s WTCC counter in late April?

46: Two drivers became fathers in 2016. Who were they?

47: What sport did several drivers pay homage to during a visit to Tokyo ahead of WTCC Race of Japan?

48: How much did it cost to enter the WTCC’s new-for-2016 Fan Village?

49: What have John Filippi and GP2 racer Mitch Evans got in common?

50: Who excelled at the 100 metres as a youngster?

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Eurosport Events, the promoter of the FIA World Touring Car Championship, is delighted to announce JVCKENWOOD as the Event Presenting Partner of WTCC Race of Japan next week during a very momentous period for an important member of the WTCC family.

Just like the FIA World Touring Car Championship, eSports WTCC – its online equivalent – is heading to Japan with the title finely balanced.

Yann Ehrlacher says not winning the Opening Race at FIA WTCC Race of China last weekend will make him a better driver.

Li Shufu, the Chairman of Geely Worldwide, was an interested visitor to China’s round of the FIA World Touring Car Championship last weekend.

Norbert Michelisz has revealed racing in the FIA World Touring Car Championship without team-mate Tiago Monteiro by his side “wasn’t easy”.

Thed Björk leads the FIA World Touring Car Championship for the first time following “one of the most eventful race weekends” in China.