An exciting new initiative from FIA World Touring Car Championship promoter Eurosport Events, Manufacturers Against the Clock (WTCC MAC3) is a first for global motorsport.

Inspired by professional cycling events such as the Tour de France, WTCC MAC3 will put team competition to the fore at each WTCC event from 2016.

WTCC registered car makes Citroën, Honda and LADA (Polestar will participate when it enters a third car) will nominate three drivers to take part in WTCC MAC3, which will take place straight after the completion of Qualifying Q3.

They will score points towards their WTCC Manufacturers’ Championship totals and benefit from an extended live broadcasting, live streaming and digital coverage package to drive more value to the WTCC Manufacturers’ Championship, while offering new story-telling opportunities.

And this is how it works:

1: Manufacturers nominate their three drivers before the end of technical scrutineering.

2: They can refuel their cars and fit new tyres following Qualifying but nothing else.

3: Teams go in reverse championship order to heighten the drama and buzz.

4: Once all three cars are lined up side by side, the red lights go out, the clock starts and stops as soon as the last car has completed two flying laps (one lap at the Nürburgring Nordschleife).

5: The fastest team gets 10 points towards the WTCC Manufacturers’ Championship (eight for second, six for third). Failure to get all three cars over the line means no points. Similarly, if the second or third car doesn’t finish within a maximum of 15 seconds after the first car then zero points will be awarded.

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